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dope social media and gonzo rides on biker entourage

Immersive arg adventures with bikers in the new york metro area

pirate ride with cosplay bikers on biker entourage

Biker Entourage

BIKER DOPE ?? The dopest biker stuff in the multiverse
DAILY CONTENT ?? Dope pics, vids, content and motoinspiration
BIKER QUEST ?? A badass immersive game for bikers, played in the real world using an app BIKER GUARDIANS ??? A membership organization of badge-carrying motorists trained to protect and aid motorcyclists LAST MINUTE RIDES ??? Get text alerts or host last minute rides in your area

Fomenting innovation & badassery
like it's our job

Events, Experiences & Ascension

"They're scared of what you represent to them ... freedom. They're gonna talk to you about individual freedom – but they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em

- Jack Nicholson, Easy Rider

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself."

- Stacy Westfall

"You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!"

- Dan Aykroyd



"Never argue with a woman holding a torque wrench."

"On a cycle the frame is gone. You're completely in contact with it all. You're in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”

- Robert M. Pirsig

"Straight roads do not make skillful riders."

Ever decide to go on a last minute ride, but
had no easy way of connecting with other riders?
Well, now you do.

Last Minute Rides


Proud & Free Biker




Badge-carrying motorists, trained to aid and protect motorcyclists

Original Content, Press 'n Things

IMFF, Brooklyn

Whiskey, Leather and Celluloid

Uncircumscribed�Progressive International Motorcycle Show Maintains Its Forename

Uncircumscribed— Progressive International Show Maintains Its Forename


A Behind-The-Scenes Pictorial of Shag Playhouse's Burlesque Fire Performance for Biker Quest


An Open Letter to Biker Entourage - Pardon my French, but Sacre Crapeaux! It means holy shit...

 Progressive Motorcycle Show Could Use An Immersive Overhaul

Progressive Motorcycle Show Could Use An Immersive Overhaul

Pavement Pieces

Bikers Turn Into Pirates

Ode To The Squid

"I am the resistance, a harbinger of freedom and a god of speed" 

On The Level 

BMW S1000: A Common Man's Superbike


Innovative Biker Group Serves Up Erotic Rides, Costume Parties & Spiritual Redemption On Two Wheels

Give A Shift
The Bosozoku Are Japan's Disappearing Rebels
Japan's Disappearing Rebels


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BEnt's Meetup

Viva La Motocicletta



Biker Entourage was initially started for rides, shits 'n giggles but its mission has morphed into something far more alarming: to harness the creative potential, intelligence & success of motorcyclists, who've an engine roaring through their heart and the wind on their face (hopefully not from the rider in front).


Based on the loyalty the motorcycle brings, including networking for projects, babysitters and bank jobs.


Ever done interactive theater, Burning Man or Bike Kill? Add inspiration from stuff like Ingress, psycho geography
& and you've got experiences that recognize how bikes can change everything.


Rule No. 1
If you're a biker--and you've survived everything that's trying to terminate you (or serve you up with an assfull of roadrash)--you deserve props no matter what you ride.
Rule No. 2
We've all got different philosophies, but the golden rule is RESPECT (mutual that is). No fighting, endagering other bikers, or any other squidlike/douchey behavior. If youre prone to this then BEnt aint for you.

Biker Games

We had our first ARG, Biker Games, in the Summer of 2016, with support from local motorcycle stores and garages (who also participated as Cluemasters) including H-D of NYC, Motorgrrl, and Brooklyn Mayd PowerSports.

Biker Games ARG

We rode around NYC, had a biker shootout, solved clues at Storm King Art Center, located Bannerman Castle, and "encountered" an amazing street burlesque fire performance by erotic production company SHAG Playhouse.

Biker Games, Shag Playhouse

To see media from the event, search #BikerGames on FB and Twitter or check out SHAG Playhouse's pictorial. It was nothing short of a 2-wheeled epiphany.

The best part is you can now get on the list to play our new ARG,
Biker Quest.

Biker Games

Started from the bottom now we're here . . .

Some past rides
SantaCon Ride Fox 5 coverage of Pirate Ride 2014

Full Moon Ride flyer
Four-Wheels-Good BEnt-flyer-12-Oclock-Boys
Pirate Ride 2013 Erotic Ride & Secret Party






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NYC Sportbike Riders Gotham Riders
Central & South Jersey Sportbikeriders
Ride North America Team Pro Motion Ducati Owners Club of NYC
brooklyn easy riders Empire State Motorcycle Safety Education Program American Motorcyclist Association
  Shared Hope Fusar
  Motorcycle Film Festival

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can be dangerous. No dumbass shenanigans, wheelies, stunting, squidding or endangering yourself or, especially, others. Ride with brains, not ego. Mutual respect is mandatory."

**Legal Safety & Liability Disclaimer: Riding or being a passenger on a motorcycle, particularly in a group, is an inherently dangerous activity. As a condition of your voluntary participation in our rides you assume any and all associated risk and agree to release and discharge "Biker Entourage, LLC" and its members, owners, organizers and participants from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising from injury to your or other participants' bodies, minds or property, legal problems, or any monetary damages. Always ride with protective equipment and never ride impaired. By participating in Biker Entourage and attending any related events, games or other happenings, you acknowledge and agree to subjecting yourself, passengers, other riders and hapless bystanders to the risks, hazards, liabilities, and responsibilities of riding a motorcycle, particularly in a group. You also acknowledge the risks, hazards, liabilities, and responsibilities of engaging in other related activities while not riding, including while participating in Biker Quest™—and understand that they may result in property damage, injury, monetary damage, legal problems, helmet hair and /or death. You affirm that you agree to conduct yourself in a safe manner. You also agree that it is your responsibility to inform any pillions, passengers or others with you about the risks involved and that the safety and release of liability rules contained herein (therein and everywherein) also apply to them. Amen.

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