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Grand Poobah

"A paradigm shift
on two wheels

outta NYC

Social motorcycling for urban creatives? Gotham gonzos 'n geeks on bikes? . . . Whatever you wanna call us, we think it's time to move beyond the handful of biker molds and bring the Motorcycle into the progress that's unfolding around us.

Let's start by recognizing what gives bikes their groundbreaking potential.
Riding can be a foray into godliness, more profound to an individual's experience than the discovery of the god particle. Motorcycles bring relativity theory into the personal, giving mortals the ability to start pushing the c of E=mc2.

If the m stands for motorcycle and the E stands for Experience ... then we've got all bases covered.
Add the human factor--the open minds and fierce hearts shared by bikers--to a fun, outside the box ethos, and we've got a concoction that's sure to push some envelopes and raise some eyebrows.

You don't have to ride to come aboard. We're seeking partnerships with event producers, performers, PR pros, web designers & creatives of all ilks.

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  "I am the resistance, a harbinger of freedom and a god of speed"
 Pirate Ride coverage   
Fox 5 

Pirate Ride Coverage
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Bikers turn into pirates during Pirate Ride




 Next Rides:  

Braveheart Ride

Wear a kilt, paint your face blue, brandish a prop sword and ride like the rebel that you are to celebrate freedom and William Wallace Day (aka 'Braveheart').

Organized by 
CRONYC & Biker Entourage

MEET: 8/23/15, 2PM, at the Ear Inn, 326 Spring St

ITINERARY: We will ride around the West Side Highway, the FDR, then a lap around Central Park, and meet at Highlands, a Scottish bar/restaurant in the West Village (150 W 10 St). We'll shout FREEDOM, wave at everyone and generally act stupid.


Pirate Ride 2015 Flyer CRONYC
Arrrrghh me mateys. This'll be our 4th annual Pirate Ride, always on Talk Like A Pirate Day (9/19), where we dress like pirates and ride around NYC, pillaging, burning and causing mayhem (you know, like make believe). This year co-hosted by none other than CRONYC (Cafe Racers of NYC).

In the past we've tossed bouncing eyeballs at innocent bystanders in Times Square, engaged in mock swordfights, given rides to wenches, competed in contests for bottles of rum (best pirate pickup lines, shoot the cannonball through the porthole etc), were featured on Fox 5 News, and rode through Captain Kidd's 'ol stomping grounds. 
This year will be even more ridiculous. Why you ask? Because for the first time Piratecon will be celebrated on the same day and, you guessed it, we'll be joining the tomfoolery!

There'll be a hella more stupid fun planned but that'll be a surprise until the ride. Plus I'm asking a buncha other clubs to co-organize. Most importantly motorcycles can now apparently travel on water, so we will be riding on the Hudson River and randomly raiding, sinking and/or commandeering sea vessels, preferably naval warships.
RSVP early, sharpen your swords (and piratespeak), bring an extra helmet for hapless wenches, and write out your wills. On second thought, as piracy is no longer punishable by death, just hire a good lawyer.

So there ya have it me briny-assed, lilly-livered, two-wheeled skallywags.

More details to follow.


Inclement Weather Policy (aka NP Policy)
For all levels of bikers, riding in the rain and inclement weather is an important skillset to learn. Bikers in other parts of the world (e.g. England, Germany) ride through rain and inclement weather as part and parcel of the biker experience. Here, when the weather gets crappy, rather than prepare for it with proper gear and a conservative rattitude (riding attitude) adjustment, we chump out.

Well here at Biker Entourage we don't chump out. At least not just because of rain. So unless there's something posted on this website calling off a ride or you're contacted  yes the ride is on.

Having said that, use your own judgment. It is your Body and Life. If you feel it would be unsafe for you to ride because of your skill level, bc you're not feeling up to it, or bc the fortune teller who's always been on point tells you not to, then you are encouraged NOT to attend the ride. If however you're thinking of not attending because you don't want to get wet or because your pussy hurts then you are encouraged to get over it and join the wet, courageous souls you'll be proud to ride with.


Viva La Figa

Biker Entourage was initially started for rides, shits 'n giggles but has morphed into something far more alarming.

Harnessing the creative potential, intelligence & success of our area's bikers, who've an engine roaring through their heart and the wind on their face (hopefully not from the rider in front).

Based on the loyalty the motorcycle brings with it, including networking for projects, babysitters and bank jobs.

Ever done interactive theater, Burning Man or Bike Kill? Add inspiration from stuff like psychogeography, & Ingress and you've got rides and experiences that recognize how bikes can change eveything.
A hella augmented reality adventure under development...It'll be nothing short of a two-wheeled epiphany.

Get an invite for this pioneering game's betta launch by signing on BEnt's email list

NO RULES . . . except these two:
Rule No. 1: If you're a biker--and you've survived everything that's trying to terminate you (or serve you up with an assfull of roadrash)--you deserve props no matter what you ride.
Rule No. 2: We've all got different philosophies in life, but the golden rule is RESPECT (mutual that is). No fighting, endagering other bikers, or any other squidlike/douchey behavior. If youre prone to this then BEnt aint for you.

Duc Hunter - Shitty Image

 Some Past Rides: 

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Pirate Ride
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Pirate Ride 2013 Erotic Ride & Secret Party
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Erotic Ride

H e l p B E n t


BEnt's Talk Like A Pirate Ride Survivors of sword fight arrr!!Riding Through Times Square


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