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Erotic Ride & Secret Party


"So How Was The Sex Party?"

Hope all had a good mommas day.


I got a buncha messages asking how the Chemistry party was Sat night (5/11/13). Before I answer I gotta preface with an explanation of why BEnt was there.

There's been a virtual renaissance in riding groups, ranging from pleasant social jaunts to more hardcore sport squiding. In Meetup and Facebook alone youve got great groups that meet regularly for rides (like Brooklyn Easy Riders, Tri-State Motorcyclists, NYC Sportbike Riders, Ducati Owners Club, and Last Minute Riders).


But Biker Entourage aint just about rides. First and foremost BEnt is an experiment; in fusing the power and creativity of bikerdom into an X Factor that can change the big picture. May 11th was our first sortie, and it was as much an experimental trip as it was a joyride.


So how did this first installment of our experiment go? First off, props to members who braved the rain to experience our first Erotic Ride and Secret Party (yea, we wanna make it an annual habit). The first part of the experiment went well, namely, seeing how far a sense of entitlement and wishful thinking can go in terms of parking anywhere in the city we want at will by using sidewalks. We will continue this experiment and see what happens.


The Museum of Sex was def cool but nothing to write home about. Strangely, the animal mating exhibit was the most interesting. Erotic shop SHAG was the shiz. Mme Sam offered us great conversation, goodie bags and a raffle prize. Plus we're all relieved now that Brad has won himself a vibrator.


And the party itself?


We broke ground that night by becoming a special part of one of NY's most progressive and successful erotic parties. We gave joyrides to partygoers and donated our bikes as props.* We were sorta treated like celebrities and our presence was def appreciated. Chemistry told us we helped make it one of the best parties they’ve thrown. And I gotta say this was one of the best NYC parties Ive ever been to. Believe it or not this was mostly because everyone was so chill, friendly and open.


As korny as it sounds, a highlight of the night for me was giving a joyride to a very shy and self-conscious girl. She started out all apologetic, nervous, rigid, feet on the wrong pegs, legs shakin, slidin into my seat. After some pointers this girl was ridin pillion like a pro, and by the end of the ride I saw a big change in her confidence level. That’s right, motorcycle therapy.


What else happened at the party? What else do ya think happened at the party...these are some of the few pics we could take.

So whens and whats our next ride? . . . What makes you think that we're just planning a ride? [cue: EVIL LAUGHTER]


Stay tuned, sign up on BEnt's email list to make sure you get invited to our stuff + Biker Quest (at, and plan on comin to our next experience if ya know whats good for ya.



Deme Spy, Grand Pooba
Committee of Motocycleterasts,
Biker Entourage



* Speaking of props, they go to Dartagnan and Don El for donating their babies (I think we all know those bikes will never see that kind of action again), and to Brad for being the 2d half of the dynamic duo giving joyrides around Bburg. Plus shoutouts to Jody, Travis, Zen and Ursula for coming despite the rain. Thanks tons to Kenny Blunt, Sheila Monster and Oksana for inviting us to such a ridiculously memorable event, and for breaking new ground by jumping on our idea (and our bikes). Shoutout to Oliver Christie for his S1000RR gallery pics. And last but not least, props to Sam and Ash of SHAG for their undeniable hotness and hospitality.

Good Vibrations from SHAG



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