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Part think-tank, part business startup, part motorcycle club, Biker Entourage's schizm has been called "a positive boon for the motorcyclist [and] a powerful new reason to get out and ride" - Eat Sleep Ride

"With a physical presence in Gotham City, you get swept up in the progress . . . " says managing member and self-proclaimed "Grand Poobah" Deme Spy.

"Biker Entourage is all about community, pushing the envelope, helping others and co-creating meaningful experiences . . . things that already course through biker veins"
BEnt's online presence includes 50k grass roots followers on its Twitter account, and MAG, a motorcycle daily that'll soon reach 300k views.

This new kid on the block has earned a reputation as an innovator, both through uncensored content and real-life exploits. The latter have included erotic and mindfulness-based rides, Santacon toy giveaways to kids on the street, and costumed Piratecon AR scavenger hunts.

BEnt is launching in 2018, an immersive, app-driven adventure for motorcyclists in the NY Tristate area.
"Part legend tripping, part scavenger hunt, it'll rock your mot******ing world" (that's motorcycling).

In addition to launching its ecommerce site, BEnt is developing Levelhead
, a headrest for sportbike riders, and 666 Jeans the swiss army knife of biker pants.

Find out more about Biker Entourage's innovative melding of lifestyle, community and technology on its OG website ( or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a buncha other sites.

Biker Quest, Levelhead and 666 Jeans are trade marks in use by Biker Entourage LLC


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