"I am the freedom rider, the outlaw, the glitch

Ode To The Squid The loophole they cannot close
the mouse they cannot catch

My existence threatens their hegemony
because I expose their fallibility

I'm an act of defiance
a reminder that they can be beaten

A blur, a ghost, a roar with a message
that they are human like me

I'm a gadfly on an ass's ass
and while my sting may seem futile
it is pregnant with meaning:

When I ride, I become a home for Freedom
and the sacrifice She often asks
is what makes heroes of The Fallen and battle-scarred

Riding a razor's edge between catastrophe and glory
on one inch of rubber and one inch from death

I am a rebel despised

My narcisistic intoxication with velocity
and lack of civility
make me obnoxious to many

But never forget . . .

that I am the resistance

a harbinger of freedom

and a god of speed"

- D.S.

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