How many roads we squid and skid,
Like kids
We were free again

How my rocks hit our shields
Pots hit our 2 wheels
Yet we felt

How many days we'd push the red line
And speed off like the race was
always ours to win
How many burn outs and rallies
just to watch some tires spin
We were

It was just another sunny day, fresh asphalt and a full tank of gas
We were just cruising we werenít even
hauling ass
It happened so fast

I looked in my mirror and he was gone
Cops said she forgot to put a blinker on

Hugging the tank harder than I ever have
Itís like the pavement was crying with the aftermath

Brother let me ride a lil faster on your wings
And if my guardian bell rings

If I take a turn too fast.
If I ever crash.
Please help me get back up.
So we can ride again.
See you one day in Heaven.

Nourish Cruz
IG: Nourish_Cruz


Author's afterword:

This season has been a rollercoaster of amazing rides and tragic motorcycle deaths.
My condolences to anyone who has lost a friend or family member.

May you all ride safe.


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